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​Global Innovation Platform (GIP) 

A platform to identify challenges, find the best solutions and lift up innovation ecosystem to generate impact and build a winning value proposition.

Improve your city or region by engaging talents and key actors in identifying real challenges and finding the best solutions to solve them:

  • Providing a framework in order to accelerate innovation outcomes by leveraging open development, crowdsourcing strategies and entrepreneurship, along with defined methodologies, processes, and tools.
  • Helping cities, institutions and companies in developing and implementing actionable solutions to key problems and challenges that their constituents (citizens, entrepreneurs, employees, educators, students, industry partners, etc.) have to face.
  • Improving the ecosystem by bringing together citizens, city leaders, entrepreneurs, multinationals, investors and smart ideas — to spark positive changes in cities and regions around the world.

Global Innovation Platform is a novel approach to support and leverage innovation initiatives while defining and addressing major societal challenges.

GIP was created in order to help improve innovation ecosystems by integrating innovative IT solutions, strategic advice, unique matchmaking opportunities and a tool-set of customized services that will help cities and regions.

GIP works through the interaction of four key actors: Challenge Posters (Cities, Regions, Multinationals), Challenge Solvers (Start-Ups, Academia, SMEs – Small and Medium Enterprises), Challenge Boosters (Investors, Multinationals) and Facilitators (Service Providers, Mentors, Ecosystem Actors).

The key benefit of GIP is a quadruple-win value creation for all stakeholders.

GIP will define, articulate and design challenges, help build ecosystems for entrepreneurs, start-ups, academia, investors and multinationals in regards to their challenges.

The online platform will accelerate sourcing and implementation of solutions to challenges, help talents and entrepreneurs find partners and finance.

While investors can access the market screened deal flow, the GIP-IT tool it will also help multinationals to better contribute to their cities' development and connect the city/region to other cities and regions.

META created GIP with the main objective of helping cities and regions to leverage on their unique value proposition and specializations solving real challenges, delivering new jobs, creating new wealth, boosting the local economy.

META has over 20 years of experience in successfully working on international projects with entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and regional, national and European Institutions.

To learn more about Global Innovation Platform, please contact META Group Holding at, or visit our online brochure.​