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​​​Investing in Regional Grow​th

Regional Funds are specifically designed to introduce early stage venture capital in a regional context.

META's Regional co-investment Fund model is now well proven:

  • our 7 "INGENIUM" Funds are currently investing in startups in Italy, Slovenia & Poland
  • total assets of 92 million Euro
  • 100 exits, with above European sector average returns​

Filling the financing ​​​gap​​

Each INGENIUM Fund is an early stage venture capital co-investment fund, mobilising public and private resources to support Seed & Start-up rounds.

The 7 Funds launched to date have been designed specifically to fill the financing gap for start-ups in regions of at least 1-2 million inhabitants. 

They focus on knowledge intensive companies with high intangible value and growth potential, although some Funds also catalyse the creation of such companies in more traditional regions by attracting start-ups from elsewhere.

Part of a bigger picture​

By filling the early stage financing gap - so common in many European regions - INGENIUM Funds trigger jobs creation, smooth knowledge transfers and drive research commercialisation.

Although they usually operate for around 10 years, they are ideally a 'revolving instrument', playing a key role in capitalising the entire region as part of a wider regional innovation platform, alongside initiatives such as Global Innovation Platforms and entrepreneurial training programmes.

"Off the shelf" EU equity inv​​estment fund

As a working example of successful public-private partnerships, finally, they are fully compliant with the European Commission's "off the shelf" equity investment fund for SMEs & start-up companies.

Managing 7 INGENUM Funds has given our venture fund teams unparalleled experience in managing these projects for institutions such as the European Commission, regional governments, development banks and agencies. This ensures thorough knowledge of public sector processes & procedures and the highest standards of ethics & compliance.​​

Need to know more about mobilising early stage venture capital to invest in innovation? Or are you an investor looking for opportunities? Get in touch.

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