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INGENIUM Slovenia Fund

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INGENIUM Slovenia is an international risk capital fund which targets innovative companies with high growth potential.

​​​​We invest in companies starting from the early stage and going all the way up to the expansion phase.

INGENIUM Slovenia – META IGENIUM d.o.o provides:

  • Equity funding (and through additional rounds of financing) to the targeted companies, thus supporting their acceleration and internationalization;
  • Starting financial endorsement of 10 million Euros
  • 30% of the funds budget for cross-border investments 

  • It can finance companies seed, start-ups and expansion phase stage in Slovenia and for the 30% of the total commitments abroad; 
  • 7,5 million EURO under management; 
  • Resources 50% public – 50% private; 
  • To be invested min 100k€ to max 1.500k€ per company; 
  • Focus on ICT, Biomed and most promising industries in Slovenia.​

INGENIUM Slovenia – META INGENIUM d.o.o. is an international risk capital fund which targeted innovative companies with high growth potential.

Focusing on businesses with a fully committed and well balanced entrepreneurial team and market leadership, INGENIUM Slovenia invested in early stage companies all the way up to the expansion phase. The targeted industries for the fund include value-added manufacturing and service activities, ICT, eco-tourism, nanotechnology, cleantech, renewable energy and bottom of the pyramid services and products.

With a starting financial endorsement of 10 million Euros, INGENIUM Slovenia invested in Slovenia and abroad, having had 30% of the fund's budget allocated for cross-border investments.

The Fund managed by META Zernike Ventures provided equity and quasi-equity means of up to 1,5 million Euros in a single company per year.

INGENIUM Slovenia invested until August 15th 2015, in enterprises that had registered offices in the Republic of Slovenia.

INGENIUM is a sustainable fund model proven with 7 other INGENIUM Funds active in Italy, Slovenia & Poland and managing assets of 92 million Euros.

The INGENIUM Slovenia fund was managed by META Zernike Ventures that has invested over 200 million Euros in more than 200 companies in seed and start-up stages and achieved above European sector average returns with 100 exits.

To learn more about INGENIUM, please contact a META Zernike Ventures representative at, or visit our website:
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